Let's knit a cowl in seven weeks and increase happiness

We will knit a cowl out of two skeins. I will also have yarn kits in my Etsy shop on February 1st if you want to knit the cowl in the colors I have designed it with.

The pattern will be divided in seven clues which will be released on the seven fridays of lent starting March 4th. But starting is possible at any time.

In addition to the pattern itself you will receive an awareness exercise, a happiness tip and an inspirational quote fitting to the content with every clue.

Why selfcare during lent?

As I catholic I have always loved lent. Every year I try to adopt new good habits like praying more and more often. Most years I also give up sweet treats because I eat way too much of them. 😊

The prophet Isaiah sais: "Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God."

So every lent I try to make straight what became crooked in my life.

Have you ever eaten your lunch during work? Or did you ever have the feeling that you don't make the most out of your spare time and that you can't recharge your mental batteries? Are the headlines of the news making you feel stressed and anxious?

Been there, done that! So let me give you some tips and tricks to give up bad habits that are toxic for you and replace them. If you improve your way of life that may also improve your spiritual life if you want to.

I hope we will see each other in the Selfcare MKal 🤍

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