With this mystery knitalong you knit a textured sock in nine clues

This is a very beginner friendly pattern. It doesn't contain lace knitting. If you can knit and purl this is the sock pattern for you.

And with my sock knitting table and my video tutorial "How to knit socks" you have all the guidance you want and need.

I love knitalongs especially mystery knitalongs. But sometimes I miss the chance to take part or I get behind. Or sometimes I just have no time at the moment when the MKal starts. That's why I offer all my Mkals here on teachable with all the special content in different clues - just as if you would knitalong in real time.

This is an Advent Mystery Knitalong for a sock. It contains 9 clues.

With every clue of the pattern, you receive the link to a german Advent or Christmas song and information about it.

On some days you might even get some cozy german tradition information.

Start the mystery knitalong now!